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Is it better to use recycle plastic yarns or nylon yarns?

In my opinion it is better to use nylon yarns. Plastic has a self life of about 500 years and nylon has a self life of about 50 years. Also plastic recycle yarns takes  more energy to produce than producing nylon filament yarns. Since nylon by nature has strong tensile strength unlike cotton or hemp I choose to use nylon as a way to minimize environment pollution and to maximize the life span of the bags I create. 

In my opinion Less is More.

I have designed high fashion for many years but with Bagology® my intention is to create modern generic looking bags that are fully functional that solve an authentic human. This involves using high tech fabrics, high tech construction techniques, in conjunction with the human anatomy. In the future I will create high fashion bags in limited edition since that is my skill and passion. However I believe it is best to own one all purpose utility bag and a couple of Fashion bags and  minimize our contribution to the Earth’s pollution.  This is true for all of fashion accessories and garments. Less is more.